Wednesday 13 March 2013

Project 73 Continued: More monograms

I thought I'd follow up on the post I put up on Monday featuring monograms.

I love personalized stationary so I thought I would try a few ideas.

No boring details here, just some simple layouts trying a few color combos for good measure.  All feature candies and a drawn or cut letter. My faves are up top but I like the two below a lot as well.

Claire started showing "oops" cards which are the ones that don't always go to plan. This pink one is definitely an overwhelming amount of baby-girl-pink. Yikes. And I thought it needed a blingy letter? What was I on?

I toyed with getting a letter diecut set but they are bloody expensive! Who has the money for a £45 set of letter cutters? Hand cutting is a pain but it's essentially free. So we'll stick to that until I get some serious orders to pay for the difference.

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