Monday 10 June 2013

Project 83: Girly stamps and not a birthday or thank you card in sight

Following up from yesterday, I had time to do a few more cards in my Father’s Day production line. All included a bit of fun with stamps and I thought I'd go for more interesting greetings than usual birthday and thank yous. 

The headline card is a card I made for my friend Hannah. She gave me this Big Ben stamp and I’m still smitten with it. I used a cool red and white paper that I’ve been saving for best and thought this was a good occasion. I used the bright blue to balance out the red. The greeting is a digital stamp that I coloured the shadow and added the little post-mark stamp to make it a bit retro.

Next is a Little Claire stamped card that I used to make an engagement card for my cousin. She’s got a bit of punk still in her from when we were teenagers and so I used the pink zebra paper to make it a bit edgy. I glittered some of the flowers and hearts to keep that special-occasion vibe.

This card is another Little Claire stamp and greeting set, from this month’s club newsletter. This one is for my friend Beth who has a special love of butterflies and all things pink. I used bright and light pink papers. I originally coloured the whole butterfly in but I thought it was too much so I re-stamped it and then just coloured and glittered some accents. The Martha punch and candies balance it out I think. 

Finally I made a set of hedgehog cards for my sister after she saw this post. I coloured them in, glittered it and used corresponding gingham papers for the background with a variety of greetings.

Very busy weekend as you can see!

And if you haven’t gotten around to it – order your Father’s Day cards now!

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  1. OMG the hedgehog cards are too cute. Looking forward to making some of these when I have a printer again. Love the Big Ben card, very edgy I feel. You are totally right, Beth's card is lovely, but not me :) Cx


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