Tuesday 18 June 2013

Project 85: Card set for the boss's wife

I work for a great company. We're a small agency and the two owners are fantastic at what they do, which makes it a great environment. Yes, it's still work. Yes, I groan as my alarm goes off in the morning. But working for this pair really is a joy.

We have our company bbq this weekend at the house of one of our owners. I really like his wife, who, let's be honest, is probably the one running around frantic now getting everything ready. We were told not to bring anything food or drink wise but my mother taught me the value of the hostess gift and I'm hoping this relatively tiny offering won't go amiss.

I saw this post on pinterest and thought it would be very occassion appropriate. The headline shot is my take on the card. Black and white is a safe combo and always looks modern. And with only one little pop of color you don't have to worry about guessing someone's preferences if you don't really know.

I decided to change the design a little bit from the original post by leaving out the greeting - I don't know her well enough to know if she's a serial note writer and without a greeting she can regift these if needed!

Here's the full set: 

I decided also to use different colors across all of them, with fun mismatching ribbons but use the same type of flowers to tie it all back together.

I embossed photo paper to gie it the glossy shine and then topped off the flowers with a pearl to mimic that shine and keep it classy.

The scallop behind the flower is die-cut rather than punched - my scallop punch was just that litlte bit too small and I didn't like the bubbly-scallops, I wanted something smaller and tighter like the die.

Gosh. I sound like a right prat there - criticising the volume of the scallop petals. There was a time very very recently that I wouldn't have even known the difference and would have been cutting those by hand.

Finally I used my little bubbly scallop border punch to give it that color lift at the bottom.

Considering I went from nothing to a set of 4 in an hour I'd call this a success. A glass of wine to celebrate I think...


  1. Who doesn't love a surprise gift. Nice work - love these, I saw the pin and thought that they would be fun to make. Love the colours too. I like that folder. Hope you had a glass of wine to celebrate :)

  2. You know my style...I come and go on that folder but this is a nice case for it I think. Will have to play with it more. Nice to do some featured embossing cards again though!

  3. The cards are super cute! And you know in my next life I want to come back as your mother!


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