Monday 24 June 2013

Project 86: A Manchester Christening Card

So you may be wondering why the post is not just "a Christening card" and has "Manchester" as a qualifier. Well I'll tell you.

My friend Han asked me to make a card to make a card appropriate that takes into consideration the following criteria:
  • Christening card for a little boy with the initials OOB (feels like a breach of his privacy to reveal his name as he's less than 6 months old)
  • The couple live in Manchester and she writes for the Manchester branch of a national paper 
  • The mom is a Manchester United fan 
  • The dad is a Manchester City fan (I don't understand how they can live in the same house either)
Weirdly I don't have a "Happy Christening" greeting, or whatever you say on these cards. So I kept it simple and didn't put a greeting on it. I mean, the cross says it all, right?

I used red for the backing for Man U and then embossed a Man City blue card for the next layer. I thought it looked a bit severe so I used the blue gingham to bring back that baby-ness with the cross on top. I put his initials on it in gold (with the red for Manu again) so that it would be further personalised.

I put the stars on to balance out the layout but given the occassion, maybe they represent the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Maybe I can get away with that being intentional?

I don't think I'm going to have a surge of Christening cards but I'm pleased with this one as a first go.

I have more cards planned this week...let's hope work doesn't keep me too late so I can get to them!

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