Tuesday 18 August 2015

Project 243: Heat embossed Big Ben

This weekend a colleague hosted a party and as a hostess gift I wanted to make her a set of cards. She likes to give people London-themed cards (she's also a regular purchaser of my cards so I know this!) so I wanted to see what I could do that would be different than her previous commissions.

I have this funky Big Ben stamp that I love and I was figuring out what to do with it when it hit me: gold embossing powder would be perfect to match the colors of the real life clock tower. I'm still a bit intimidated by heat embossing but really wanted to give it a go.

I love the results. It was a bit hard to get clean lines - I did 6 tries to get a set of 4 - but I am so pleased with this. I kept the rest really simple - black and white modern papers with a pop of color around the borders and to give a greeting. I used 4 different messages that were all fairly generic so that she'd be able to do with it as she wanted. I added a few little black bling gems to give it a bit of texture and break up the space.

The party was a real hit (I got home just before 2) and I think the lesson of the weekend is I should be a bit braver and just try these things more.

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  1. YOU GO GIRL... Gold heat embossed Big Bens!! That's pretty damn brave in my book and they look amazing. I love the fun patterned papers. Cx


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