Thursday 20 August 2015

Project 244: Using scraps and kites

I had a great idea when I was cleaning up my desk. I had 2 strips of paper (one of which was reversable with a patterned and plain side) and they were exactly the right colors to match these kite embellishments that Claire had given to me earlier this summer.

These two cards took less than 10 minutes. Possibly 5. The pink card features two sides of one paper and all paper scraps were the widths and heights of what was on my table already. The blue card has scraps that I had to trim down slightly but still organically the right shapes to start with. The little tags are from Claire, a while back now, and worked so well with the cheerful kites.

I am going to be having so much fun with these kites, they make card making so easy and yet still look so fresh. 

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  1. I love these cards, Momma was right about the fact that you would love the Kites. We can buy you more when you come to NYC. $2 man! Cx


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