Wednesday 2 September 2015

Project 249: a very special birthday card

I am loving the blending tool and I thought it would be a great technique to make a special birthday card for a friend. I wanted it to be festive and modern, arty and different. And if that's the brief, I love the result here.

I used two distress inks for the background and added a splatter of green ink, then quickly blotted it off to get a nice watermark on the card.

I stamped the greeting and used black embossing powder  to get texture. It speckled a bit but I don't actually mind with this card since the background is blotted anyway. The crimped paper is from an embellishment set Claire gave me and I thought that it was the perfect festive touch for the card. The blingy 30 is from a sticker set Claire bought me as well.

I love the combined techniques here and think this is one badass birthday card. Will definitely do again for special friends!

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  1. This is SO pretty Jessie… the rosette looks awesome with the different colours… and I love the background…. it's a really stunning card! :-)
    Big hugs, Sue B xx


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