Wednesday 14 October 2015

Project 265: A simple bird set

I was clearing out my scrap folder and found a few pages of magazine paper freebies. These are the glossy kind that I don't normally like, but I had kept them because I liked the damask prints in different colors. I decided to whip up a quick card set so that I'd have it in my stash ahead of Christmas and I can give them away for people if I need a gift in my pocket.

These feature Stampin' Up bird punches and giant hearts (I think Woodware is the punch) - both from Claire's kit. I coordinated papers for the hearts and birds and made 4 in total. Simple but effective - the whole set took about 15 minutes I think! Must remember this for additional sets as I get closer to Christmas...

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  1. Love these, would make fab Christmas cards..Do you need more birds? Cx


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