Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Project 2: Boy birthday cards

It's my husband's birthday this weekend so I decided a good mid-week project would be to make a boy-birthday card. This is a sub-brand of projects (and particularly card projects) as I find I lean heavily toward the feminine, girly embellishments. And weirdly I find that when I do make a boy-card I've focused on some childish image or theme, like toy planes or trains or cartoon
lions. The other obvious route is a sports metaphor but I can’t draw a football (American or UK footballs for that matter).

Boy-coloured cards are also fairly dull so I’ve decided to go the print route for this one. It’s slightly childish still but I think the retro theme actually helps it rather than hurts it.

I used a Cath Kidston paper from a stationary set I had been given and glued it onto a normal A6 card. I used a brown and green birthday sticker I had from an old set (I’d filed this in “possible boy card stickers” – score) and I think it ties in pretty well. The corrugated green card was actually a wedding anniversary present (our paper anniversary – clever boy) so I thought this added a nice personal touch. He probably won’t remember this but it seems significant here. Will let you know how it goes down next post!

PS: One week in ad I’ve only made one of the “scarves” for the blanket. Poo. This has a hard deadline so I must get cracking on that.

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