Saturday, 7 January 2012

Welcome 2012 - the year of the Craft Buddy

This is the first week of January and I'm, like many people, trying to
come to terms with the laundry-list of resolutions I have created for myself.
In addition to "try not to judge commuters you have to share a train with
everyday" and "drink more water, less white wine spritzers" I've
decided that this is the year I start to pick up the projects that I've been
pinning on Pinterest without starting. The year that I say "how'd you make
that?" instead of "that looks like something I could do." The
year that I utilize the brilliant independent craft store down the road for
more than just the occassional embellishment.

Let's get serious about ambitions (because I get excited by things
instantly and then allocate the interest to the craft of the day updates on - how am I going to maintain the enthusiasm I have now
throughout the year? Well I've started with a list. A list is a friend, a
comrade in arms and a militant supervisor that keeps me on track. I love lists.
My list has all the projects I can think of roughly sorted into seasonal and
holiday-specific projects that I can map throughout the year. As soon as I
figure out how to do it I will post it up here to help keep me honest.

One rule before we crack on: I want to start a new project every week
but I don't think I'll be able to finish one a week. I want to tackle some
pretty big projects interspersed with smaller ones so my aim is to start and
then hopefully the looming deadline of starting the next one will keep me on
top of the first, and so on.

So we're off!

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