Saturday, 28 January 2012

Project 4 - Crafting hits the craft supplies update

Just an update on the organizing front – this week turned out to be a bit manic so I didn’t pick up the crafting the craft stuff project until Saturday morning. But here we are and I have great news to report: Everything now lives in a wonderfully self-contained box that is labelled with the contents and stored near like-materials. ‘Tis a thing of beauty now.

I also came up with an easy way of storing ribbons, wrapping anything small enough around an embroidery thread card and stored those away in a little plastic box . For bigger ribbons I tied an end to a canvas bag and then let the rest of the ribbon fall inside the bag. That way I can see what I have by colour and style and only fish out what I need by untying the end. I can’t say I’ve seen this before so I’m going to declare myself a genius for the innovation.

Once I start buying full rolls of ribbon (instead of saving the scraps from packages and presents like a hobo) I really want to do something clever like put them on a rail inside a closet or something. But we’re not there yet. One day my craft room will look like this.

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