Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Project 1 - Baby blanket

I have a first project to start that I definitely want to get cracking on. Project 1: a baby blanket. Our very awesome friends are pregnant and due in about 5 weeks so I really need to get cracking on this. I am terrible at reading knitting patterns so I'm going to try this one.

It’s a garter stitch that incorporates two different colours for a gingham effect and you knit just 19 stitches across like a scarf and then when you have a couple of the scarves that are long enough you knit/sew them together. It seems so easy, right? Off to the store tomorrow to get some baby-safe, machine-washable yarn. :)

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  1. This was actually posted on the 7th of January but the post was all wonky so I reposted it and it looks like I posted on the 11th. Just in case anyone calls me out for not doing a craft a week based on the blog dates - I'm keeping it real.


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