Thursday, 19 January 2012

Project 3: Red and Yellow Cards

Over the holidays I spent time with my aunt who is also a crafter and showed her some of my cards I had prepared as Christmas thank-yous. I’m still unsure if she was just being nice (she’s wonderfully enthusiastic when it comes to encouraging me) but she said she was really into my stuff. Seeing as it was her birthday last week I decided to dedicate this post to her and asked her what her favourite colours were. She said red and yellow. I never make anything red or yellow; if you stick with me you’ll see a lot of purple. So challenge accepted.

The first one I made was a spinoff of another design I did recently using an embossed strip and a punch-out. This one uses a spotty embossing folder and a Martha Stewart punch (borrowed, not mine sadly!) and just the tiniest bit of ribbon for flair.

The second one here is just a permutation of that, using patterned card that I blinged up a bit. I like them both.

The third one didn’t photograph well so I’m not going to publish it. But it’s very cute and follows a similar layout to this one:

Super easy number 4, I used a patterned card and then did a solid red stripe with a scallop-punched yellow burst and then added an asymmetric gingham heart. It’s a bit twee but I’m a bit twee.

The last one I made for the set is this ribbon one. This has a bold patterned card so I kept it simple with a solid yellow card stripe, a strip of sparkly gold ribbon and a piece of textured coral tape. This is probably my favourite but that has more to do with the card pattern than the technique.

All in they aren’t a very cohesive set but I liked the colour challenge. Maybe I’ll come over to the bright side more often.

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  1. Jessie, why stray from red and yellow? Those are the colors of your alma mater (well close enough!). I like the cards and I like your blog.



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