Sunday 7 October 2012

Project 47: More Christmas cards for the fair

This week has been crazy! Almost every night has had a bit of Christmas craft. We’re selling at a craft fair in 2 weeks so it’s time to get everything prepped as much as possible.

I have 4 designs completely finished with about 20 cards of each. I’m hoping to bring 2 more designs and 30 for each one by the time of the fair…we’ll see what’s possible!

Here are three of the designs I haven’t posted before (the fourth is the 4 square box card posted previously):

First is a tree card, made of two big green triangles and decorated with some mosaic mirror tiles. I’ve done a few iterations of the card but this is my favourite.

The next is a different version of the wreath cards I posted previously. This is a slight twist, using small glitter dots instead of bling and no bows – I didn’t think they worked and Claire agreed. I chose country-style papers like gingham and tartan so the buttons fit in well.

Finally the headline card is a wreath made of corrugated green card, fixed with buttons, bling and glitter dots. I ran ribbon down the side- I chose ugly Christmas sweater-style ribbons. I love them.

Two more designs featuring snowflakes to come…

Claire has been doing some beautiful stamped cards with penguins and reindeer so I’ll post a link to her blog when she posts them.

If she’s reading this now…post them!

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