Tuesday 16 October 2012

Project 49: Halloween cards

This week has been just crazy. And it’s Tuesday.

First challenge of the week was when Claire and I decided that the black-based Snow People cards needed to come with a gel pen as a free gift. It’s a nice touch and it makes lives easier as you can’t just write on a black card with a black pen. It would have been more helpful if we had come to this generous conclusion a month ago so we could have sourced cheap pens. But never mind, Wilkinsons to the rescue.

Next I was on serious bagging duty for the dozens of cards I made this weekend. About 70. Boo. 70 plastic bags to open, stuff and seal. Boo.

So with all this Boo-ing I managed to fit in 13 butterfly cards (so I don’t just have Christmas cards at the fair this weekend) and thought some Halloween cards were due.

Claire bought me this sweet pumpkin punch and I thought the best way to feature it was on (yet another) black card base.

I layered the orange punch outline with a black and white spotted ribbon, and hand-wrote the “boo!” greeting (largely because I’m too cheap to buy a one-use stamp) on a plain white circle. I added the black candies as they are a bit ghostly on the black card and I thought they dressed it up a bit.

If these bad-boys don’t sell then look for one in your mailbox because they are not going to waste.

If I don’t post again before Saturday then wish me luck – first craft fair in Rye this weekend!

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