Tuesday 2 October 2012

Project 46: Fabric wreaths

It seems like I haven’t posted in ages – please forgive as I’ve been in Wales for 10 days! This is the post week commencing the 23rd as this is when the crafting was done. I'll do another one for this week and then I won't be down on projects! 

We had some seriously cold and rainy autumn nights in our little cottage so I put that indoor-time to good use and made a project I’ve been wanting to try. I love wreaths at any time of the year but especially at Christmas. I found this example in a craft magazine and had to give it a go.

First a trip to the craft store to buy materials. I got 6 fat quarters of different red and green vintage-feeling fabrics and 4 1-meter cuts of fabric in plain green, plain red, polka dot green and polka dot red. 10 coat hangers and a pair of fabric scissors and away we went.

I didn’t take any process pictures because it was so simple. I cut a strip of the fabric that was about 4 inches wide and then cut these into 1 inch tall pieces. I then tied them to the hanger (which I had bent into a circle). Honestly bending the coat hanger was about the hardest part, you can see how easy it was to do this sitting in front of a fire watching movies!

And that’s it. I tried a whole bunch of different options, including my traditional color combos (red with a bit of green and green with a bit of tartan red) as the cover photo. I think they're my favorites.

My “Cath Kidston” (for the spots!) combo:

All green:

And all red: 

Each is ever so slightly different because obviously my inability to focus enough to do the same thing each night meant I varied the fabrics slightly each time.

My last step will be to cover the hangers, maybe by wrapping them in ribbon. The tutorial I followed had a little scrunchie thing that you made but it involved sewing and I don't think I want to make 10 of them. We'll see. I need to get some other crafting stuff done first before I finish it off. 

I’m going to sell these at the craft fair in October and again in December – hopefully they’ll be a hit as they’re so easy to produce!

How much would you spend for one of these? I’m thinking somewhere in the £8-12 range to cover my costs and labor time (even though it was easy it still took about 2 hours a wreath with all the prep). What do you think?   

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