Sunday 28 October 2012

Project 50: New House Cards

Another week has flown by. I was hoping to write a post on the craft fair but a) I was extraordinarily busy this week with work shenanigans and b) I read Claire’s post and thought she’s done a much better job of it. If you click on the link you'll see me at our stand looking pretty good!

This week I needed to make a new home card and decided to do a batch while I was at it.
I struggle with house warming cards because I think they always have really twee houses and flowers and things. So I decided to go back to basics and try some of my original techniques and layouts and see where that got me.

Over the summer I bought these beautiful papers and with Christmas and wedding craft, I haven’t used them. I started with a dark blue base and embossed a wood grain pattern on it. LOVE. I was playing with the structural concept of a house, thus the wood grain…ok. This was originally where the thought came from but to be honest, it’s cool looking and for the sake of this blog, that’s what matters. 

I then layered this with a green knotted ribbon and a patterned paper to pull together the two colors. Finished with a sentiment on the unembossed scraps of blue paper, rounded corners, and presto we’re done.

Just to try a variation that was a bit less masculine (I thought the blue and green rocked but know cards are fundamentally more girly than boy-ish) I replaced the papers with a purple and floral number. Cute, but less striking than the original.

And then to make use of my random scraps that were lying around I tried a new lattice punch that Claire got me from the US (told her that Marshall’s is full of craft bounty if you have a keen eye) and layered that above and below the flowery paper. Candies down the side to finish it off. I have to practice with the punch a bit more I think. 

I think the first is the best one but not too bad for a frenzied hour of crafting!

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