Sunday 10 April 2016

Project 310: Another yoga mother's day card

My friend asked me to make a card with a lot of fun little details. She asked me to have someone doing yoga and then asked me to do something to hint at how she is about to be a grandmother.

I researched different yoga poses and found Ego Eradicator, an energy pose that felt perfect. I cut it by hand as a silhouette. I put four hearts, as she has four kids, and inside is a smaller heart growing inside.

I die cut the sentiment in purple and layered it over the same teal paper.

No bling, no sequins, just simple paper shapes. I love it and think it fits the brief really well.


  1. Namaste! I think our colleagues give you the craziest briefs ever. I like this a lot, that is a very nice yoga pose that you created there. Cx

  2. Wow! this is a fab design Jessie! love the symbolism behind the figure and hearts. You have done well cutting out…looks wonderful… and I love the background.. so perfect for the theme!
    Hope you are keeping well
    Have a lovely weekend
    Big hugs, Sue B xx


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