Monday 2 April 2012

Project 16: Brown and Blue

Another weekend with Claire and my craft output was exceptional. I mean truly outstanding. We’ve deduced that this is because we took it easy on the drinking and didn’t have 9 white wine spritzers before starting the serious crafting. It turns out the card making continues to be productive when you don’t drink heavily at the start, middle and end of the process. Who would have thought?

The cards are so fantastic I’m going to post this in a series of 3 or 4 posts rather than all at once. The first set is probably my favourite, I’m calling it the blue and brown series. (Like Rothko but for cards. And a lot less depressing.)

Using someone else’s papers is a dream. You see combinations that are endless and fascinating and can’t wait to try all of the pairings. Which is why I made so many cards that are similar because I loved the scraps and the possibilities so much. At least twice Claire said “I’ve always hated that paper and now that you’re using it I’m really upset because now I like it." It's like you never thought to wear that sweater with that skirt but now that your sister has it you’re really angry you’ve missed all these opportunities. Totally the same thing here.

So let's see the cards!

The headline picture here is one of my favourites – I saw this lighthouse paper and matching stripes and was compelled to use the twine to tie in the nautical theme. I’ve also been seeing buttons used in a lot of blogs and blog challenges lately so I thought I’d add some here. Love the output.

Next is my favourite card of the day. It’s an anniversary card I made for my parents and yes, my mother does read this post so this is like giving away Christmas early. But I’m selfish and want to show off the card. It used embossing folders, punches, stamps, special cutting tools, all sorts.

This owl is a true delight. Claire has these wicked stacking owl punches and I think I need to purchase this myself. Or steal hers. Or just continue to show up at her house and use all her stuff. But these are my blue and brown owls and I’m very pleased.

Here is another twine-tied card using a thick button. The stamp didn’t fully come out but I think that adds some quaintness.

And finally a simple little thank you card to pull it all together.

If you thought this post was epically long you have no idea how long it was when I thought I could post all the cards at once. Seriously, it got out of hand. This is the short version, in real life.


  1. You are so right, not drinking a bejillon spritzers is a good idea. I like the fact that you are publicly declaring that you are going to steal my punches! I do concur though that you made some awesome cards using papers I loathed! Finally is quaintness really a word :)

  2. At least I'm honest about my dishonest intentions! And quaintness is so a word.


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