Saturday 14 April 2012

Project 20: Cards for Charity

My mother-in-law is hosting a charity event celebrating craft and community. There will be enticing snacks, dance demonstrations and crafts for people to buy. Obviously, I’ve volunteered to make a few dozen cards for the occasion.

This weekend is manic so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get cracking on this like I want to. I have so many ideas for this and my Grandmother’s birthday (the Indy one) that I need to dedicate a few hours just to planning before I get started.

For Joy’s event, I’m going to shortlist 5 or 6 designs and then make them in as many colour varieties as I have available so I can keep myself focused. I’ll also be doing clear out of designs that I’ll call “experimental” for the sales bin.

I’ve been looking through my designs and think there are a few good options I want to shortlist. Let me know in email or facebook or leave a comment which ones you think should make the cut, keeping in mind it's the layout or idea that I'm going to reproduce rather than colour or papers (as these will change):

Embossed birds and flower

Embossed butterfly

Embossed birthday butterfly

Embossed birthday flower

Birds on line

Birthday owls

I want to do a few others with some "best of British" papers I got in a craft magazine (this is Claire's fault) and if anything stands out enough I'll shortlist that as well. Let me know what you think!

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