Monday 30 April 2012

Project 24: Creating patterned papers

I saw an entry in Kirsty Allsopp's Craft book about stamping your own patterned paper. I got it out of the library as inspiration for crafts that are paper/card related without being actual cards. And I have so many stamps that I don't use as I always think they have to be the focal point rather than the background. Good challenge.

I started with a stamp I've had for ages but never use as it's complicated and elaborate and I never felt I had the right use for it. But I think it looks great as a background.

Then I tried a retro checker board using an olivey yellow and bright pink daisy print. I need to work on getting these closer together but I could do that. And I thnk the retro color combo is the way forward; I'm thinking lime and pale blue, brown and orange, dark green and and purpley pink...

I love an orange owl. It's sort of representative of everything I find joyous. Should you want to see something else I find joyous, try Charlie the Unicorn. I warn you, it's dark, but awesome. Back to the owls - I only tried a small section because I was testing a few ideas on this page to start off with. But I think I could try a long repeating stripe of owls and it would be sweet.

This java print is awesome and definitely the best one. I'm making more of these.

Finally a more traditional tile print. The dark blue I think would be really useful for card making (and in other colors as well) but it's really repetitive and boring so I don't think I'd do too many. The other one is a bit ornate but might work for a border?

So patterned papers are really easy to create. I think I'm going to do this next time I get a bit jaded with card making as it was really creative and definitely got the mojo working. Go mojo.

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