Monday 23 April 2012

Project 20: Charity cards updates

Short post from me this week as an update to the Charity Cards post. I started my assembly line and made about 20 cards to give away. I’ve never made a set of cards with the same layout to give away before (other than the Christmas card situation) so I needed to do two designs in a few different colours in order to prevent boredom and abandon ship. 

I made 3 different colours of the embossed butterfly cards, mixing thank yous and birthdays, and then 3 different colours of a card featuring these girly stamps. I was on the fence on the stamps and think I might still need some coaxing before I go full monty with them.

But here they are, starting with the butterflies:

And then the stamps:

There are actually 5 different patterns of the stamps (all in this style with sweet messages) but this was my favourite and I’m fairly confident everyone loves cupcakes. If you don’t like cupcakes we can’t be friends.

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