Monday 2 April 2012

Project 18: Purple

This is the last set of cards from this weekend that I’m going to show you for now. I made some sweet Father’s Day cards but it’s too early to show those, even for someone like me who will celebrate Christmas in August if permitted. (I’m not permited. There is one other person – you know who you are – who will listen to Ukrainian Bell Carole with me in the summer.)

So this post is all about my second most favouritest colour: purple. My first is orange but that’s problematic and cards sometimes look a bit shouty or aggressive. Purple cards are much more appreciative. They say: I care.

First is a layout I followed that had different coloured squares down the side with as simple greeting. I broke the template and used 6 instead of 4 (shock!) and then jazzed up some plain squares instead of using all patterns (horror!). The layout police are going to cite me but I think this looks much better. I added some glitter paint, bling, adhesive flowers and ribbon to make the squares have their own look and feel. I like.

Next is a simple little card that used up some of the same patterns as the previous card. I fell in love with those little purple embellishments – Claire called them “candies” and I stole the tiniest little stack of them and seem to have come home with a billion. Possibly not a billion.

Last is my favourite of this series. Simple little bird punch in the four busiest pattern papers, simple little bling eye and some great purple sticky ribbon. I punched them facing different directions to make them look like they were interacting. It’s a bit modern and a bit twee at the same time. Which is kind of my style, come to think of it.

That’s all for this weekend’s projects, surely I can take a week off? No? Boo.

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