Monday 2 April 2012

Project 17: Brights and bunting

As promised, here is a continuation of the amazing cards I have to show off from this weekend’s production line.

To break it up from last time, this is my collection of more bright cards, and most of these use fancy punches which makes things a bit exciting. As with using someone else’s papers, using someone else’s punches means you can just achieve ANYTHING. Well, that’s obviously a lie. World peace? With this little triangle punch? Possibly, if it’s thrown at the right velocity at a dictator or something.

So it was great fun using Claire’s punches and I think this little mini collection shows off some of the best ones.

First are the two bunting cards that use the scallop triangle punch. I tried one more playful version that uses a raffia line and another that uses a very straight sticky ribbon. Claire’s version of this is just beautiful where as mine looks a bit like a child did it. Never mind, still love the bunting.

Next I tried a version that was a bit more boyish. The birthday paper was super busy and I struggled with it. But using the die-cutter I was able to get the framing device around one “birthday” which I thought was a good effect. This one used the standard triangle punch and I thought it added to the little boy birthday party feel.

Another owl in this mix, this time I tried another classic combo of pink and green. The owl is a bit busy though, not sure the pattern is working. But it’s an owl so we still love it. Must purchase this stacking punch myself...

Then a lovely little thank you card using a paper that I saw and immediately had to use. Love the silhouettes of the children, it evokes a lovely summery feeling.

Next up: Purple. Just you wait, this week is such a treat.

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  1. Aah! I am so jealous, could never make that paper on the Thank You card work! Craft playdates rock and you really have to purchase the punches....


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