Sunday 27 January 2013

Project 65: Black and White Art Deco

My friend Jules is getting married and is having an art deco theme with gold and silver accents. I was in a craft shop this week and found some papers that were perfect for making her a little set of thank you cards inspired by her wedding theme.

All of the cards used a black base (she's getting a gel pen as well so she can actually write in them) feature a small bit of glitter glue as a feature and some striped candies in white, grey or black. 

The headline card uses one of my favorite papers layered on top of some busy floral papers. I added to the layers with raised foam to give it more depth. Simple punched greeting and some dark grey candies. 

The next card uses a silhouette paper with a lattice cut of silver paper, pre-tied bow and white and silver candies. Since taking this photo I've evened out the spacing of the candies.

This is the only horizontal card in the set and used the same paper as the card above.   I used lacy tape and ribbon to split up the paper over a black and white floral pattern. The greeting here was a random sale bin purchase from my local craft store and usually it's a challenge to use but really worked in this set.

Next is a card that really simply layers grey and black papers with the image. I've scallop-punched the corner to give it some texture and added a few flowers for balance.

Finally this card used the same scallop punch in the corner as well as the full border punch in silver. I made the greeting black so it would stand out from the textured grey background. I added the spotted ribbon as well to make it a bit cute and hide the seam between the two papers.

These will go in the post tomorrow so hopefully Jules will get them soon! x


  1. A post about moi? :) and it's not so much of a theme as obsession haha! I love them and cannot wait to get them


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