Monday 7 January 2013

Project 59: Spice up your cards with some orange

I had the best playdate this weekend with Claire. She’s moving to NYC and this may have been our last ever playdate. So we seriously went to town and made cards for 12 hours straight, trying new techniques and new tools and new layouts and then finished off with some old favorites.

As a result we produced about 40 cards between us. And because of this I won’t be posting them all here in one post.

I’ve grouped them into posts that feel the most coherent and this one is probably the biggest stretch.

Orange is one of my favorite colours, I love using it as a bold accent in cards. And as a bold accent in life, generally.

The headline is one based on a pinterest sketch  that I found. I love gradient and you could obviously do this in any color as long as you can punch a butterfly (or any shape) and get a long enough scrap to make the gradient. 

This one is also based on a pinterest sketch  that I pinned a while ago. I just got a die cutting machine and with it I inherited this gift cutting die that cuts the package bows for you. So that was easier than ribbon.

Next is one of my standard layouts with layered patterned paper. I used a die cut flower topped with a button with a punched tag and stamped greeting. I added the embossed border below to add some technique and glittered random parts of the paper to make it playdate-worthy.

Finally this was a simple layout that I wanted to feature the Orla Kiely-style paper I found in Claire’s random scrap bag. A collection of candies at the bottom probably weren’t necessary but I freakin’ love candies.

I’ll post some of the other versions later this week, there are some real gems coming up J

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  1. The gradient card is still one of my faves. I didn't realise how pretty the last card was until I saw it here today. I love the use of the Candies - I heart Candies too..


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