Monday 21 January 2013

Project 64: Sewing-themed freebies

Short post today!

I wasn't very well today so I sent myself home from work to have a day under a blanket. Which made me feel a bit sad and restless. So in between long stretches on the couch I threw together a little card using some free papers and stamps I got in a craft magazine.

I should mention know that Claire had these stamps and I was so jealous I bought the magazine just for the gift. Petty and ridiculous, I know.

But the papers are sweet and the stamps are quite detailed and perfect for my sewing-mad grandma.

Headline card was my favorite using the stamps and paper combination in a really sweet way. I found the Mojo sketch above in my couch-surfing antics and thought those little stamps lent themselves well to the layout.

Polka dots in a vintage blue with brown ribbon and stamping continue my love of this color combo. I distress-inked the stamped images to give them an antique feel. I also used the buttons instead of candies to tie-into the sewing theme. Oh and obviously I rotated the card to landscape.

The next two aren't as stand-out as the first but they're kind of cutesy and I know people who will like receiving them. Different stamp set (see how Claire used them beautifully here) but as they are square I dug them out for the layout. Candies replace buttons and big buttons with colored baking twine make them feel very childish. And that's just fine with me.

Another one or two cards were done but they are not worth showing. I made some bad embellishment choices and they brought down the whole card. It happens sometimes.

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  1. Nice cards, love the use of the freebies...Yep the bad choices do happen, I had a few of these over the weekend. Cx


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