Thursday 10 January 2013

Project 62: Layered stamp layouts

I thought I’d do a quick post on this sketch I found on Pinterest ages ago.

During the playdate I played with Claire’s extensive stamp collection to put it to the test. I layered three card sheets on top of each other and then made the patterned paper, being careful to make sure the stamps crossed over the layers to make it more interesting.

I then topped the papers with gold ink, making it look antique. You can buy distress ink expressly for this purpose but who can be asked? I already have the gold ink and this seems to work just fine.

Next I layered each card with a solid color matching the ink

Topped with a greeting and we’re done and it looks super cute. I need to hunt down these stamps. I love them.

This version is a bit truer to the sketch with twine and a button. It’s too busy I think. It only needs the two layers like the headline version to make the point and the twine is just fussy.

This is the only use the stamps have got as they are part of a “Edwardian Lady’s Collection” Claire got free. They cracked me up and I was determined to use them. That’s the fun thing about a playdate – you use things that normally seem impossible because your only agenda is to make it random and different from your normal crafting. Love playdates.

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